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After joining Project Profitable Trader: Masterclass here's what you'll get:

✅ Access to Masterclass - 10 hours of video lessons. We will focus on strategies and practical information, not on theory. You will learn specific strategies to open, manage and close your trades.
✅ Strategies that work on every market and time frame. Tools and strategies from this Masterclass can be used in any market - Forex, the stock market or to trade commodities and others. It doesn’t matter if you’re day trading or swing trading. You can adjust strategies to your trading style.
✅ Blueprint how to build your strategy, when to open and close trades. Learn how to put all the pieces together and build a profitable strategy.
✅ Backtested solutions. I'm all about backtesting. I will teach you about strategies and tools that I backtested and made sure that they worked in the past.
✅ Support - ask questions. I post my very best content and try to explain strategies as good as I can. Still, if something is unclear you can always ask questions and I will gladly answer them.
✅ Lots of bonuses: ebook with swing strategies, trading robot, discounts, scripts...
✅ New videos. New uploads occur every few weeks. I'm adding lessons with new strategies and trade examples. My goal is to make the best trading masterclass possible.

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What's inside? What will you learn?
Masterclass is divided into sections. I teach you how to trade with Pivot Points, Fibonacci, divergence. You can combine all of them together or you can use only the ones that you like most (for example you may decide to go only with Pivot Points and Pivot Points with divergence and so on). I show you exactly how to build working trading plan.
Learn how to trade with Pivot Points
Professional traders use Pivot Points to draw support and resistance lines on chart. I show you best strategies to use them as take profit target so you can close trade at the same place as pro traders. I teach you backtested strategies to join existing trend with Pivot Points - it's simple and very effective. I also show you how to to open a reversal trade with best Risk to Reward ratio. Like in this example:
In Masterclass you will learn few different strategies to open trades near Pivot Points.
Learn how to trade with Fibonacci tools
There are different approaches to use Fibonacci. I prefer simple Fibonacci strategies because they simply work - I show you best signals and strategies to open a trade based on Fibonacci Retracement lines, and best strategies to close trade and maximize your profits.
You can use Fibonacci Retracement lines to open a trade and Fibonacci Extensions to select best level to take profit. Like in the example:
Learn how to trade with divergence
Divergence = price is going one and oscillator in another direction. This information can be very helpful. If you have a trade running, you may want to close and take profit. If you look for some trade opportunity, you can open a reversal trade. There are few great strategies that you can use with divergence to improve your results and you will learn them in this masterclass. Divergence is simple but very effective.

Learn how to trade with Renko
As a bonus you get a section about Renko candles. I show you how can they can help you to make better trading decisions so you can catch bigger moves.
Learn how to trade with mechanical trading systems
What is Mechanical trading? It’s a system in which rules can be placed on paper, maybe not 100% but something like 90%. The rest 10% is a discrete part (decisions based on your observations). There is a huge benefit to trade mostly mechanical systems because you minimize the impact of your emotions. Another benefit - you can backtest your strategy and see if it really worked in the past.

In this Masterclass, you will learn how to build a mechanical trading system from scratch - when to open trade, when to take a loss, when to take profit and so on. Oh, and that strategy was backtested by me and proved to work in the past.
Learn how to build simple trading robots which can help you open and close trades
Trading is about patience, on many times you have to wait many hours or days to open a trade. You have to follow your rules and strategy to be consistent in your trading and make money on a regular basis. Problem? Trades do not follow their own rules, they “force” trades, see what they want to see, open too big positions… the list goes on. Solution? Simple trading robots.

You program a trading robot with your trading conditions and run it on VPS server. The robot follows your rules, you don’t have to be in front of the computer and charts all the time… In this Masterclass, we will build a robot trading our mechanical strategy.
Learn how to backtest your strategy
Backtesting is super important. It helps you to build the best possible version of your trading strategy. You can test your ideas, you can improve your existing strategy… I will show you how to backtest so it can be almost like testing your strategy in live markets but faster.

Learn how to trade with trends
The trend is your friend… Yes, most of the time. Still, if there is a strong trend it’s best to use it and ride a wave. In this Masterclass, I will show you techniques based on Pivot Points, Fibonacci, Renko, and Heikin-Ashi how to take advantage of strong trends.

You will learn which places are best to open a trade, how to maximize your profits.
Learn how reversal trading works and why it can be so profitable
I love reversal trades. They give you trade opportunities with very small risk and very big potential profit. I will teach you the best setups based on Pivot Points and Fibonacci to catch reversal moves and take profit on that huge reversal moves.

Learn how to build your own trading strategy
This Masterclass is about you. Some people prefer to trade on lower time frames like 5 or 15 minutes, some like to swing trade on 1-hour, 4-hour, daily. Some like to trade stocks, another forex. I show you detailed strategies based on different tools and techniques - how and when to open a trade, when to take a loss, when to take a profit and so on. I teach how to build a mechanical system that will give you the best chances to be a profitable trader.

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  Joining Fibonacci with Pivot Points
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Trading is my passion. My life is dedicated to teaching, sharing and guiding. I truly want to help my students to improve their trading results.

This is my purpose. This is my mission.

I spent years improving my strategies and helping others.

The content I am sharing in Project Profitable Trader: Masterclass for $247 is INSANELY underpriced. And I'm talking about Masterclass itselt but don;t forget about bonuses.

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Don't forget about free bonuses that you get toghether with Project Profitable Trader: Masterclass.
Bonus 1: Swing Trading with Fibonacci Tools - Ebook

  • 145 pages
  • PDF format
  • Collection of my strategies based on Fibonacci's tools
  • Learn exactly when to open and close your trades
Ebook value: $97
Bonus 2: Pivot Points Confluence Finder
Script for Metatrader 4 which helps you to find levels from Weekly Pivot Points and Monthly Pivot Points which are close to each other. This can give you information about levels where you want to close and take profit or open revelsal trade.
Script value: $97
Bonus 3: Trading robot to help you in your trading
Market Survival Trading Robot will open and manage trades when you are not in front of the charts. Thank's to that you won't miss your best entries!
Trading robot value: $197
Bonus 4: -50% off for upcoming Trading Robots - Masterclass
Trading robots are taking over trading. If you want to be a profitable trader then you should learn how to write them. I work on Masterclass about creating trading robots. When you join this course, you will get a 50% discount for Trading Robots: Masterclass when it will be ready (in next few months).
Discount value: $197

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Your Instructor

Simon David
Simon David

Trader, author of pivot-point-trading.com blog. Over 10 years of experience in trading. I enjoy trading and teaching others how to trade.

I trade mostly with Pivot Points, Fibonacci, and divergence, sometimes with Renko. When I started to use Pivot Points my trading improved a lot so I started to learn and test different strategies.

The next important step was the proper backtesting and building mechanical trading strategies. Emotions in trading can be your worst enemy so I focus on building a mechanical approach.

Now I share my experience with my students who want to learn how to trade better and make money. Most courses out there are about support resistance trading, about price action. They are fine but there is much more to successful trading. That was the reason why I created this MasterClass. I wanted to share with you my knowledge about trading with Pivot Points, Fibonacci, divergence, Renko…

Love & Warm Regards,
Simon David

P.S. Let me summarise the deal again real quick:

On this page is a chance to join Project Profitable Trader for just $247 USD. It's one of the most comprehensive, yet affordable Masterclass available.

And as a student, here's what you get:

- Access to Masterclass - more than 10 hours of video lessons. Core of this Masterclass are strategies. You will learn strategies to open a trade and of course strategies to close a trade. This strategies are universal - that means that you can use them with stocks, Forex, crypto and other intstruments.

- Access to bonuses. I give you for free ebook about swing trading with Fibonacci, script for finding Pivot lines which are close to each other. On top of that you get 50% discount for the upcoming Trading Robots: Masterclass.

- Access to all new materials. I plan to add new videos and tools every few weeks. When you join Masterclass, you will get access to all new materials for free.

- Access to me. You can ask me questions and get help.

I really worked hard on this Masterclass. The goal of this training is to teach you how to trade with Pivot Points, Fibonacci and divergence. With these strategies you will be able to select better targets for your trades. You can also use them to open trades in the same places as bigger players.

So click the button above to join before this opportunity passes you by!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
How detailed are the Masterclasses?
Masterclass is divided into sections - Pivot Points, Fibonacci, Divergence and Renko. Each section has some introduction lessons and then we move to specific strategies. My goal was to explain as well as I can when to open a trade and when to close it. These are all original, never before seen lessons, exclusively created for this Masterclass.
Is this Masterclass the same as dozens out there?
No, my MasterClass is unique for a few reasons. I show you the tools and strategies used by pros. I explain how to join Fibonacci and Pivot Points so you can open a trade at the best moment (during a correction) and close near the top. All strategies presented in that MasterClass can help you to open trades with great Risk to Reward Ratio.
Is this a ready trading strategy?
We will build one complete strategy from scratch. And the rest? Treat it as a ready puzzle pieces - I show you different strategies to open a trade with Pivot Points, with Fibonacci and so on. Your job is to take what you like and include it in your trading strategy. But yeah - most lessons give you a strategy that you can follow.
Again, how this Masterclass will help me?
I teach you how to build your own strategy with the mechanical approach - thanks to that you have better chances to be successful in trading. We build a strategy based on tools used by pros.
Are these strategies risky?
You can always lose money in trading and you should be aware of that. Still, I teach you strategies that give you very good Risk to Reward ratio entries. That means that you lose much less than your possible profit is. The rest is up to you - how you manage your money and follow your strategy.

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