Fibonacci Trading Course

Learn how to trade with Fibonacci

What will you learn?

As name states, it is a course about Fibonacci trading. You will learn things like:

  • construction of Fibonacci
  • how to trade with Fibonacci and ABCD approach
  • when to open a trade during a correction to the retracement lines
  • when to close a trade at extension lines

But there is more. I also explain things like:

  • how to look for more best market conditions
  • best confirmation signals to open a trade
  • advanced closing strategy to maximize a profit
  • trade management

It is not only about Fibonacci itself. You will learn about different Fibonacci combination such as:

  • Fibonacci and Pivot Points
  • Fibonacci and Heikin Ashi
  • Fibonacci and Renko
  • Fibonacci and Renko and Heikin Ashi

Lots of good stuff here :).

Why is it worth to trade with Fibonacci

First of all, it works:

All you need to do is to select a correct direction ;).

OK, there is more to that. I teach you how to manage a trade so even if you select a wrong direction your loss is not that big.

My story

I started my trading adventure in stock market about 10 years ago with pretty good results. My approach was mostly long-term and based on both technical and fundamental analysis.

Later I discovered Forex market, but I struggled to make a profit here. For a few years I was testing many different strategies, but with no success. I didn't give up.

I had a reason to hustle and check every combination.

I had to help my family.

My parents owned a business which wasn't going well after 2008. Later my dad got cancer. So I had to work in my day job, help in my parents business and master trading.

This was a tough time. I wasn't able to help them enough from my salary. I had to find another solution. I knew that you can make money in Forex. I read more about trading and worked harder than ever before.

So I hustled. The first major breakthrough came when I learned about Fibonacci trading. This was it. Suddenly I understood why the market moves in swings and why it is good to wait for a correction to enter a trade. So much valuable information from this tools. I did not stop here. Later came other breakthroughs when I joined Fibonacci with Pivot Points, Heikin Ashi, Renko... This was a game changer. I was able to execute trades much better, I knew where possible support and resistance areas are. It all started from Fibonacci since then I was able to have profitable months.

Am I a perfect trader? No, I still make mistakes. The difference is that even when I do, with help of Fibonacci and other tools these mistakes do not hurt as much and my winning ratio is much better than before.

How much money can you make

Thing is, you do not need to make 300%-1000% profit each month like you see some people do on demo accounts (or sometimes real). You can make good money with profit of 5-20% each month if your trading capital is big enough. Lets say that your trading capital is 10,000$. If you can make:

  • 5% per month that is 500$ monthly
  • 10% per month that is 1000$ monthly
  • 20% per month that is 2000% monthly

Of course some months will be much better than 20%, some will be worse than 5% or you even will have months with loss. It is a myth that you can make for example 1% daily.

You should look at bigger picture. If you are able to have a profitable year with monthly average profit of 5% or more than you are good to go. For me, this is a healthy approach. Can you make a 1000% profit in a month in Forex market? Sure, it is possible, but only a few people can do it. Your number one goal should be a focus on trade management. If you can close a month with any profit then you are onto something. Next, you focus on your trade execution, you try to have bigger winners and smaller losers.

You should also have realistic goals. Don't aim to make 1000% of profit per month. Aim to have any profit per month. With that base, you can set more ambitious goals. Fibonacci is a great help here. It helps you to trade better, have better results. If you master it, you can really earn good money with it.

What markets can you trade with Fibonacci

Fibonacci tools work great on every market like the stock market, forex, commodities and other. In my case it is mostly Forex and indices like DAX or SPX, sometimes commodities (gold, oil).

One thing should be pointed out. We have Fibonacci and other factors for example pivot points, support/resistance lines, trend lines, support/resistance from important averages and so on.

For example, we can be trading with Fibonacci on 5 min. time frame. We may have information from Fibonacci itself, but we need to check other factors like averages from higher time frames, daily pivot points, trend lines.

You never trade with Fibonacci by itself. You trade with Fibonacci combined with comprehensive market analysis mentioned before. I talk about it in my course.

Is this a complete system? Will I lose money?

There is no 100% winning system. You have to accept that losing is part of trading. You may trade with different systems, for example:

  • system where your winning ratio is only around 30-40%, but your winning trades are much bigger than loses so you make profit
  • system where your winning ratio is bigger than 50% and your winning trades are on average larger than loses


  • you can trade a system where your winning ratio will be around 60-70% but your loses will be much bigger than winning trades and as a result, you will be losing money

So few examples that winning ratio is not a good indicator (it is important, but combined with other factors).

Same is with Fibonacci trading. This is a great tool to trade with. Still, you need proper money management, a trading strategy so you can be profitable with that technique. You will have some lost trades, but in overall you should be able to make money. Fibonacci gives you information about support and resistance, what you need to do is to build a trading plan around it. This is what I try to teach you in this course.


Of course, there is a support after you purchase a course. If you have any question, doubt or you struggle with trading with Fibonacci - I'm here to help. Have any question? Send an email and I will try to help.

I created this course so you can learn from my mistakes and wins. It took me many years to find best strategies that work in trading. This course is not a magic formula, you still need to put some work to create your own trading strategy. The goal of this course is to put you on the accelerated path to profitable trading. I believe that Fibonacci combined with other tools is that path. I do anything to help you achieve your trading goals.

Your Instructor

Simon Sikorski
Simon Sikorski

Trader, author of fibotrading.net blog.Over 10 yeras of experience in trading. I enjoy trading (now mostly forex) and teaching others how to trade.

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